This is Why We Need to Vote

This is Why We Need to Vote

We are just 22 days away from what may be the most important election in modern American history, one whose results will significantly impact women.

At Saana Design Company, not only do we want you to enter your place of work – whether it be virtual or in-person – with the utmost confidence, we want you to be and stay informed about the issues that affect you.

We are rooting for you to excel in every aspect of your life, and you cannot do that if those in power sustain or promote policies to hold you back. Generations of women fought for our right to vote, to attend school, to enter professions, to open bank accounts and secure loans without discrimination on the basis of our gender.

Today, our civil liberties are under attack. It’s up to us to defend them while honoring our heroes, ourselves and little girls everywhere and forever.

Get out and vote so your voice is heard. Make a plan and encourage your friends to do so as well. We got this!