SDC’s Sustainability Journey: Are You With Us?

SDC’s Sustainability Journey: Are You With Us?

Did you know the global fashion industry emits 1.7 billion tons of CO2 a year?* As emerging designers operating a small business during a pandemic, we’ve had to make tough sacrifices on a variety of matters to continue operations. One area we won't compromise on is sustainability.

For too long, consumer obsession with fast fashion has had severe consequences for our planet. SDC cares deeply about the environmental impact of fashion, particularly its strain on non-renewable resources and the emission of greenhouse gases that comes with manufacturing. And we want to do our part.

So, we’re practicing “slow fashion.” We doubled down on our pre-order model, only submitting orders to the factory when product is requested. This ensures there’s no excess inventory in our warehouse and no wasted resources committed to an idea of endless consumption. While our generation has become so used to the fast fashion model of receiving goods on-demand and at low costs, our pieces take a bit longer to arrive and are an investment guaranteed to last years with proper care. You deserve that.

We began Saana Design Company to answer to the women and ethics of the day. Being accountable to the Earth and staying on the right side of history are equally important to us. As you wear the pieces from our Chapter One collection, know we’re taking additional steps toward protecting our planet – and there’s so much more for us to do.