A Tribute to the Modern Woman

Whitney Jennings & Saana Allie, Founders, Saana Design Company

Saana Design Company (SDC) creates high-quality, couture-inspired wardrobe staples at an accessible price-point for an increasingly female workforce in sizes 2-20.

Founded by two women of color with a passion for success and a deep love of style, we conceptualized a tribute to the modern woman by sourcing exquisite fabrics and working with brilliant CFDA tailors to craft pieces that – like the women who inspired them – are multi-dimensional, purposeful, vibrant and enduring. 

We begin with Chapter One: Workwear.

In this era of spectacular female accomplishment, we invite you to join us as we reimagine what workwear could be, who it should serve, and establish which notions simply have no space in the modern world.